Flash Lite 2.1 for BREW Beta

On Monday, we released:
Flash Lite 2.1 for BREW Beta
The release enables Flash developers to convert, test, and run their Flash applications and content on a BREW-based phone. Once deployed, Flash Lite 2.1 for BREW will create a way for developers to make money selling their content through Carrier download catalogs.
The best part of the BREW platform is that Flash Lite 2.1 can be downloaded over-the-air to the phone when a user selects a piece of Flash-based content.
So, if you have a great idea for an application or already have a great application you’d like to sell thre the BREW Delivery System, check these tools out! We’re always looking for great stuff to show off to our partners, at conferences, and for other marketing purposes, so drop us a line when you have something great to show.

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