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CTIA: Day Two

Ok, so I’m a little late on my blog for Day 2 of CTIA. It has a good reason, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Hey, I don’t make the rules.
Anyway, yesterday was very productive. Lots of meetings with partners, customers, and other parties interested in what the Verizon news really means. All good stuff.
Here’s the big things discussed that stick out in my mind:
– Everyone is talking about “killer content”, but no one has found the right recipe. Spent a lot of time with one of our top Flash Lite developers, Smashing Ideas, figuring out what we can do to build the next generation of great apps.
– Working together is “in”. There was lots of talk of collaboration between people that you would have though didn’t have much in common or could be considered competitors. If you check the attendee list of our party, (and no I won’t give it to you), you’d see it had people that could have been considered competitors seeking ways to work with us on the Flash platform in many interesting ways.
– While the Verizon agreement didn’t say much in detail, people are making some great assumptions on our behalf. I can’t tell you how many people said “wow, this means X, Y, and Z for you and that’s HUGE.” Also, there was some analyst saying this validates that mobile will be a $1B business for Adobe. Gosh, I hope so, and more.
Signing off for now …
The night was also capped by a very nice, refined party put on by our team. It really went off well, and a good percentage of the crowd came up saying what a fun time they had. The food was great, the conversation was good, and it looked like everyone was having a blast.

Adobe and Verizon to bring Flash to the U.S. mobile phone market

As you may have seen yesterday, Adobe and Verizon announced an agreement to bring the Flash platform to U.S. mobile phones on the Verizon network. Read all about it here:
Adobe signs first Flash deal on U.S. mobile phones
As the product manager for Flash Lite, the product that will help deliver rich content, engaging UIs, and exceptional experiences with the information you care about most, I’m incredibly excited to see the beginning of what should be a long line of successes with Flash for operators that really want to take their business to the next level with an eye towards engaging and delighting the consumer.
Verizon’s commitment to Flash should signal a change to the industry, away from bland, static applications and UIs, to a more exciting, dynamic environment on the mobile phone. I’ve felt like Howard Beale, from Network, when he said “I’m as mad as h___, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” (Listen here). That’s how I felt about applications and UIs on mobile phones. 🙂 I’m sure many of you shared my frustrations.
Anyway, just wanted to give my thoughts on this topic and let the rumor mills run rampant with what this means in terms of products. There’s not much I can say at this point, but stay tuned. We’ll hope to have some exciting things coming as a result of this deal.

CTIA: Day 1 – Arrival & Parties

Yesterday, I arrived at CTIA (Cellular Technology Industry of America) conference in “Sin City”, Las Vegas. Here’s my initial reactions and what I’ve seen:
1) Not much …
Not much yet, to be honest, since I arrived around 2:30 pm and went straight to meetings
2) Focus on business of mobile …
The focus this year seems on the business of mobile, and not so much the technology. Many companies announcing relationships, partnership, agreements to develop content, services, and better capabilities for mobile phones (see the Adobe announcement on Verizon here). This is good news, because sometimes these shows get bogged down with “cool tech” that you loose site we’re here to build a strong industry that leverages great hardware and software for the benefit of consumers.
3) Most meetings happen impromptu or at parties …
There was no less than 6-10 parties tonight, and there was no way you could make it to all of them. However, its critical to plan your party strategy because its where a lot of business gets done. My two stops of the night were at the Motorola mixer featuring John Legend (don’t ask me who he is, I’m not that cool to know) and the Motricity & BET “over-the-top, out-of-this-world” blow out featuring Doug E. Fresh and Busta Rhymes (ask me who he is, because he kicks some major booty). Much fun was had by all, and that’s all I’ll say. 🙂
For Adobe, the key take-aways were …
– You’ve hit a home-run with Verizon, and everyone is talking about it
– Mobile companies are scrambling to figure out how to have a story involving Adobe products
– The U.S. market will arrive for Flash Lite, and it will not be televised, it will be mobile 😉
– People, thankfully, expect the level of execution that Adobe has already set a precidence for, but it shouldn’t hold off our intensity to exceed expectations
That’s all for now, more coming on Day 2 soon ..

“Your (micro) Ad Here”

As an inagural post, I thought I’d discuss the state of mobile advertising, as it seems to be a “hot” topic these days.

  1. “Micro” Ads are coming
  2. The will be married to relevance and location with what’s going on around you
  3. There will be more of them in comparison to print or video
  4. And they will be more intrusive into your life (if you let them in)

Read on for more analysis …
UPDATE: In the latest Fierce Wireless, there’s another article about Google getting a patent for wireless advertising. Point proven – the market is heating up.

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