Atom an IETF Proposed Standard

Last week the Atom specification advanced to proposed standard status. Less than two years from initial community thought experiment to ex officio standard is practically a demonstration of fast-than-light travel.
I’m a huge believer that XML-based microformats are a transformational part of Web 2.0, and that the advances in Atom are going to enable entirely new classes of services. Of course the unfortunate “syndication format wars” between flavors of RSS and now Atom are still raging, with RSS still far in the lead in terms of adoption. Perhaps Richard MacManus is right and it’s just all going to be called feeds – while I get queasy when Microsoft tries to rebrand open technologies, if calling it all feeds helps bridge the RSS schisms, I’m all for it.

One Response to Atom an IETF Proposed Standard

  1. stevex says:

    Google’s new sidebar also rebrands them, “Web Clips”.