Open Content Alliance Launched

I’m excited about Adobe’s participation in the just-announced Open Content Alliance, spearheaded by the Internet Archive. I will be representing Adobe on the OCA, and I believe that the creation of a large collection of public-domain works will help spark adoption of digital consumption of texts. In addition to being a very worthy humanitarian goal to enable information access by those who don’t live walking distance to Barnes & Noble.
I’ve been in Tokyo this past week and am seeing clear signs of mass adoption of digital consumption of one particular text medium: keitai-manga. The frame of a comic is a good fit to the small screen of a mobile phone, and the limited time and attention required in consuming comics is a good fit to an on-the-go lifestyle. Manga represents a $5B market in Japan and therefore even 10% to 20% conversion to digital consumption will be a big business. Hm, I wonder if many classic manga are in the public domain? Probably not given the post-WWII rise of the current form.

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