Containerless Content

Jeff Jarvis just published a visionary piece, “the last presses” (tip of hat to my new colleague JD). That the future will favor content over containers seems obvious, yet I share Jeff’s concern that we in the U.S. may be slow to realize how rapidly the shift from paper to digital stands to happen, once it really starts in earnest. Of course we have cheap trees, cheap gas, superhighways, and big-box Barnes&Nobles to lull us into complacency.

One Response to Containerless Content

  1. Bill McDaniel says:

    I think you know I agree with this sentiment. The rise of content in importance over style or ‘containers’ is fairly obvious when you look at the fact that there will be virtually unlimited form factors for delivery of content, while the content will remain largely the same.
    I think Jeff’s post is very insightful. Another area that needs to be touched, however, is that of the content being adabtable to the media and to the context within whc the reader consumes it (including the reader).
    I have been exploring the issues around adaptive content for a few months. Not just content that changes layout or flow, but rather that changes itself to accomodate the context it is in.
    That capability will truly put content on top. And it will, among other things, lend itself to the notion that the conversation is the key element. The relationship is the important piece.