Sony Reader and Adobe PDF

There has been quite a bit of speculation on the nature of the PDF support in the Sony Reader PRS-500 product announced by Sony at CES. To clarify, the Sony Reader supports true Adobe PDF via Adobe software. This is an extension of an previously announced partnership that has delivered PDF support into several Sony consumer electronics products, including a car navigation system.
Adobe has developed a profile of PDF for consumer devices and mobile handset platforms (such as Nokia Series 60 and NTT DoCoMo FOMA). Because its implementation is optimized for limited resource devices and consumption-oriented use cases appropriate for smaller screens, our mobile PDF profile omits a number of features from the complete PDF 1.6 specification that is implemented by Adobe Reader 7.x for desktop operating systems. For example, at this time neither of the document protection (DRM) technologies incorporated into Reader 7.x (that support Adobe Content Server and Adobe Policy Server) are implemented in our device-oriented PDF software. Although it predates it, our current mobile profile turns out to be well-aligned with the recently finalized ISO 19005 standard, aka PDF/A.
I expect the Sony PRS product line to be a great success. More on this soon.