New slashdot thread on eBooks

eBooks – what’s holding you back? is generating some interesting discussion. This is not the first time Cliff has taken up eBooks, and as always on slashdot there’s a fair bit of noise in the signal, but also some fresh and thoughtful comments, including around the inverse question: “why should I take up eBooks?” Well worth a read.

One Response to New slashdot thread on eBooks

  1. One of the big advantages of paper is that it doesn’t keep moving around. I find when I am reading journal articles, I routinely lose my place.
    I just wrote a blog article on what I wanted in an article browser, though I was thinking more of laptop reading. Basically, I want two things:
    1. I want documents munged so that they are ALL single column,
    2. I really want an eyetracker to mark where I’ve already read, so that I can easily find my place again.