E41ST: Libraries+Amazon mashed up w/ Flash

E41ST is very very cool. Per creator Amit Gupta: “Named after New York’s East 41st Street (Library Way), E41ST provides an integrated interface for Browsing(at Amazon)-and-Looking-up(at Library). I have started with some of the largest public libraries in US, but almost any library with a website that allows searching for books by ISBN number can be integrated into E41ST.”
I haven’t talked w/ Amit about this but (per earlier posts on Flash/Flex) I’ll go out on a limb and guess that developing this demonstration app (done in Flex 2, a winner in Adobe’s recent Flex Developer Derby) was a couple orders of magnitude easier than an AJAX HTML version would have been. And IMO the resulting richness is much more engaging. There are a few nits (the single-row-only book results display is a bit annoying) but overall – wow.

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