Digital Editions live on Adobe Labs

Adobe Digital Editions, an all-new application for reading and managing eBooks and other digital publications, was announced today and is live on Adobe Labs website. Free eBooks are also available.
I’m incredibly excited about the future of Publishiing 2.0. A lot more to come. Our whole team will be hanging out on the user forum on the Labs site, at least once they catch up on their sleep after a long weekend of work to make this release, so send your cards and letters there, be they roses or brickbats.

3 Responses to Digital Editions live on Adobe Labs

  1. Steve Werner says:

    It’s worth noting that the beta is ONLY available for the Windows platform. According to a CNET article this morning, “A Macintosh version is due later this year.”

  2. paul says:

    I know the Beta version of Digital Editions is not fully featured yet, but what accessibility features will there be for users?

  3. Alex Danilo says:

    This is a great application, I’d
    really love to see it running on
    the Sony eBook Reader.
    Will there be authoring tools coming soon to support this reader?
    Keep up the good work Bill.