Adobe Enhancing Flash Openness, Proliferation

Today Adobe announced with a number of partners the Open Screen Project, an initiative to increase the richness and consistency of Internet experiences across PCs and devices. As part of this initiative, we are making our Flash Player implementation free on devices – eliminating the license fees previously charged to device manufacturers. We have also made the Flash SWF and FLV video file format specifications completely open, no strings attached. This initiative provides one more motivation for adopting Flash for rich media and interactivity to take eBooks beyond static paper-like experiences and make digital content more compelling to consumers. Adobe has already worked to enable Flash content within PDF and EPUB eBooks, in our authoring tools and our Digital Editions consumer software, and we’ll be further enhancing this solution over time.
Digitally representing printed content is only the first step in digital publishing’s evolution. More and more, digital publications – whether downloaded or consumed online – are going to incorporate interactivity and rich media in order to deliver more value to their readers. Digital textbooks are going to integrate eLearning experiences, such as simulations and assessments. Trade books are going to incorporate value-added elements, a la DVDs, such as video interviews with authors and socially-networked play-along whodunits. Flash is already widely adopted and a de facto industry standard, and so is an obvious choice to utilize for implementing such experiences. Adobe taking steps to fully opening Flash specifications and increasing the proliferation of Flash implementations only makes this even more of a no brainer.

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