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Australia is a Gas!!! (i.e. Petrol)

A brief translation guide from Australian to Newyorkese

G’day = Howyadoin
No worries = Forgettaboutit !
Bloody ‘ell ! = Jes*s C*rist !
Mate = Buddy
Fair Dinkum = No Sh*t
Bug = Small lobster-like crustacean thing (very very tasty)
Eye Filet = Filet Mignon
Hungry Jacks = Burger King
Good On Ya = Well Done !

It’s so easy for an American such as myself to feel comfortable here in Australia (local abbreviation = Oz). The cultures are so similar, but yet so different. People here are super friendly, down to earth, and (embarrassingly for me) all seem to know more about U.S. history than most Americans.

Today, we did the final seminar of the roadshow. We had a nice crowd of about 200 folks at the Austrailan Technology Park in Sydney, and about 600 others watching the live webcast (soon to be posted on for your viewing pleasure).

A nice dinner is planned tonight with some of the people from Adobe Australia (photos coming soon).

Cool, Cool, Coolum

We’ve arrived in Coolum, Australia, about a 90 minute drive north of Brisbane. We’re here for “Media Connect”, a conference of Australian IT Journalists. Gotta keep busy, everyone just keeps texting, texting, texting.


(L to R) Hart Shafer – Senior Product Manager of Adobe Audition, Jane Brady – Creative Product Marketing Manager of Adobe Australia, Jim Guerard – Vice President of Web and Video Product Management.


Above is Hart participaing in another of our daily rituals, checking into the hotel (in this case, the Hyatt Regency Coolum, a beautiful resort on the “Sunshine Coast” of the eastern Australian state of Queensland, which incidentally has the same license plate slogan as Florida, “The Sunshine State”).

Why am I finding so many places similar to Florida? Hmm . . .

Singapore – Come for the Food, Stay for the Clean, Clean Streets!

Singapore is one of the cleanest places I’ve ever seen. It actually kind of reminds me of Boca Raton, Florida in a strange way.


We had a great turnout for the seminar – about 250 people – and there’s some really great creative stuff going on in Singapore. It’s such a livable city, very multicultural, vibrant, and beautiful (even though it’s quite hot & humid this time of year). The folks from Adobe Singapore took us out for an amazing dinner of Singapore Chili Crab at “No Signboard Seafood”, an amazing restaurant on the waterfront.

It really wasn’t at all like I expected (from what I’ve read in the news I figured it was a pretty uptight place, but it turns out that it’s a thriving metropolis with a lot more to it than its reputation would suggest).

On the plane now, enroute to Brisbane, Australia. Below is a picture of the situation I find myself in on a daily basis.


Sixteen Hours in Hong Kong

Landed in HK at midnight, went right to the hotel (the Langham Place in Mongkok, the nicest hotel I’ve never stayed in), woke up at 6am to get ready for the 9am seminar, did the seminar, and then at 3pm went right back to the airport. Can’t remember if we were even there or not.


Good thing I remembered to snap the above photo from my hotel room and the one below on the street in the morning. This amounts to all of what I got to see of Hong Kong.


I woke up on the plane later in the evening, on the way to Singapore, and wasn’t sure if I’d even been there.

The seminar was great, we had 400 people in attendance (a large crowd by HK standards). Big thanks to Priscilla Tan & team for putting together a kick-ass event!

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up


Consonant transpositions aside, Korea is incredibly modern — technologically speaking, it puts the United States to shame. One of the cool things is that by government mandate, at least 30% of TV broadcasts must be in High Definition. By 2010, 100% of Korean TV broadcasts will be required to be HD. This means a really high demand for HD production tools, and that’s one of the reasons Adobe Production Studio was such a hit (when we left the seminar in Seoul, our reseller partners had already sold 30 copies onsite). The Seoul seminar was hands-down the most attended seminar on the worldwide roadshow (1280 people attended, as I mentioned earlier, as opposed to 370 or so in Los Angeles, arguably the largest Television & Film market in the world).

As a thank you, our friends at Adobe Korea have given me a promotion:


Apparently, I’m now the Video & Audio Product Manager (my title is actually “Senior Marketing Manager” — Product Manager would be a rather formidable step up for me).

Big, big thanks to MH Park of Adobe Korea for putting together a stellar event. I even got to try the most popular Korean street snack. Can you guess what it is?


I’ll send a Production Studio t-shirt to the first person to e-mail the correct answer to me at

Hong Kong here we come . . .

Big in Seoul


We had 1280 people at the seminar in Seoul. Felt like a rock star all over again. Not much time to type, gotta run to the airport to get to Hong Kong (we’ll just be there for 16 hours then it’s off to Singapore).

Greetings from Seoul

I am truly one jetlagged guy. Seoul is a fantastic city. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s seminar.


Adobe Production Studio AsiaPac Seminar Tour

Well, it’s off to the races as I hop on a plane around noon today at SFO and will be delivered to Seoul, Korea by Singapore Airlines a mere 14 hours later. A day to set up gear and see a bit of Seoul and then we start a 2 week swing through 4 countries to show the new goodies to seminar audiences and meet with journalists.

I just got off the phone with Dean Velez, formerly an Adobe SE (and a multi-emmy award winninng broadcast designer). He has a great new advanced broadcast design After Effects 7 training disc, just released by Total Training.

Dean is now the Creative Director over at the Total Training production facilities in Valley Cottege, NY (about 45 min. NW of Midtown Manhattan). He’s a kick-ass designer and I’m looking forward to seeing his design influence on the Total Training series.

Gotta get to the airport…