Australia is a Gas!!! (i.e. Petrol)

A brief translation guide from Australian to Newyorkese

G’day = Howyadoin
No worries = Forgettaboutit !
Bloody ‘ell ! = Jes*s C*rist !
Mate = Buddy
Fair Dinkum = No Sh*t
Bug = Small lobster-like crustacean thing (very very tasty)
Eye Filet = Filet Mignon
Hungry Jacks = Burger King
Good On Ya = Well Done !

It’s so easy for an American such as myself to feel comfortable here in Australia (local abbreviation = Oz). The cultures are so similar, but yet so different. People here are super friendly, down to earth, and (embarrassingly for me) all seem to know more about U.S. history than most Americans.

Today, we did the final seminar of the roadshow. We had a nice crowd of about 200 folks at the Austrailan Technology Park in Sydney, and about 600 others watching the live webcast (soon to be posted on for your viewing pleasure).

A nice dinner is planned tonight with some of the people from Adobe Australia (photos coming soon).

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