Cool, Cool, Coolum

We’ve arrived in Coolum, Australia, about a 90 minute drive north of Brisbane. We’re here for “Media Connect”, a conference of Australian IT Journalists. Gotta keep busy, everyone just keeps texting, texting, texting.


(L to R) Hart Shafer – Senior Product Manager of Adobe Audition, Jane Brady – Creative Product Marketing Manager of Adobe Australia, Jim Guerard – Vice President of Web and Video Product Management.


Above is Hart participaing in another of our daily rituals, checking into the hotel (in this case, the Hyatt Regency Coolum, a beautiful resort on the “Sunshine Coast” of the eastern Australian state of Queensland, which incidentally has the same license plate slogan as Florida, “The Sunshine State”).

Why am I finding so many places similar to Florida? Hmm . . .

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