Singapore – Come for the Food, Stay for the Clean, Clean Streets!

Singapore is one of the cleanest places I’ve ever seen. It actually kind of reminds me of Boca Raton, Florida in a strange way.


We had a great turnout for the seminar – about 250 people – and there’s some really great creative stuff going on in Singapore. It’s such a livable city, very multicultural, vibrant, and beautiful (even though it’s quite hot & humid this time of year). The folks from Adobe Singapore took us out for an amazing dinner of Singapore Chili Crab at “No Signboard Seafood”, an amazing restaurant on the waterfront.

It really wasn’t at all like I expected (from what I’ve read in the news I figured it was a pretty uptight place, but it turns out that it’s a thriving metropolis with a lot more to it than its reputation would suggest).

On the plane now, enroute to Brisbane, Australia. Below is a picture of the situation I find myself in on a daily basis.


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