Sixteen Hours in Hong Kong

Landed in HK at midnight, went right to the hotel (the Langham Place in Mongkok, the nicest hotel I’ve never stayed in), woke up at 6am to get ready for the 9am seminar, did the seminar, and then at 3pm went right back to the airport. Can’t remember if we were even there or not.


Good thing I remembered to snap the above photo from my hotel room and the one below on the street in the morning. This amounts to all of what I got to see of Hong Kong.


I woke up on the plane later in the evening, on the way to Singapore, and wasn’t sure if I’d even been there.

The seminar was great, we had 400 people in attendance (a large crowd by HK standards). Big thanks to Priscilla Tan & team for putting together a kick-ass event!

4 Responses to Sixteen Hours in Hong Kong

  1. Jansen says:

    welcome to hong kong. hope you enjoy your super short trip here.

  2. Bob Donlon says:

    Thanks, Jansen. I did actually enjoy it immensely, despite the short duration of the stay. I was in HK 3 times before — I really love it. It’s the “New York of Asia” to me. Next time, hopefully, I’ll be able to organize a proper stay.

  3. Juan Morales says:

    Bob,Lost your contact info. Please send it to me. I am glad I got your blog, for a moment I thought I lost touch.-Juan

  4. Aland says:

    Too bad you couldn’t stay longer but at least your accommodation Hong Kong was comfortable and you enjoyed the seminar.