A Few Notes About the Next Few Days

I’ll be on PTO (that’s “Personal Time Off” in Adobe lingo) until Tuesday — heading to NYC later today to visit friends & family. This will include a stop by my ancestral home, Co-op City, a bizarre public housing experiment gone horribly wrong.

A panoramic view of “Co-op” from one of their early 1970’s sales brochures.

OK, so it’s really not that bad. No, wait, it is.

Build on swampland in the Northeast Bronx, Co-op City was designed to be a community for middle-class families. It’s not exactly the safest neighborhood in The Bronx, but not the worst either. It being on a swamp means that all the buildings are coming apart structurally, and they even had to go so far as to condemn all the parking garages and pave over the only green area in the place in order to park all the cars.

Luckily, we’ll be spending most of our time in NYC not in Co-op City. Crashing with some friends in the East Village, actually. Don’t forget the benefit show on Saturday @ Bowery Ballroom if you’re in the area.

Signing off ’til Tuesday. Please remember to turn the lights out when you leave.

One Response to A Few Notes About the Next Few Days

  1. Denster says:

    Growing up in a wierd place like this was like living on a strange planet.DLYour fellow co-op city escapee.