Apologies for Browser Errors, Signing off for the Weekend

To those that have written me about the blog showing up with a white background on certain browsers and the light grey text being impossible to read:

1) Thanks for the heads-up, I’m only using IE currently.

2) I’m still learning by trial & error how to modify the CSS to get the pages to look like I want, in all browsers so please bear with me.

I’ll probably switch to one of the stock CSS templates on Monday, when I resume my posts. Signing off for the weekend — I hope yours is fun & relaxing.

Saddling up for the ride home. Am I a total dork or what?

P.S. – It hailed in San Jose today, for about 5 minutes, just as I was leaving HQ. Hailstones the size of peas — one of my colleagues noted that she’s been living in SJ for 20 years and had never before seen snow nor hail there.

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