Into the Darkness

If you use previous versions of Adobe’s Video & Audio products, you’ve definitely noticed the darker User Interface in the new releases. Many of us at Adobe prefer the darker UI, but this is not the default setting — when you first install you’ll get the standard Adobe UI brightness.

The last version of After Effects had the capability to adjust the UI brightness, and now we’ve added that capability to all the Production Studio apps. You need to select Edit > Preferences and then go to User Interface Colors.

The User Interface Prefs in After Effects 7.0

The slider widget adjusts the brightness of the entire UI. Personally, I find the darker setting easier on the eyes, and its also easier to focus on the artwork without the interface getting in the way.

Off to the Brazilian consulate now to pick up my visa. Flying to Sao Paulo tomorrow for a Production Studio Launch Seminar there on Tuesday, as well as some press briefings and customer visits. Obrigado.

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