One of the best online resources for tutorials on Adobe’s Video & Audio products is Creative COW (mooooooo) — COW actually stands for “Communities of the World”, so it’s really “Creative Communities of the World”. They still use a cow as their logo, and give away neat promotional items like “Bovine Bessie’s Chicken Sauce” at trade shows. The COW’s founders, Ron & Kathlyn Lindeboom, are extremely smart, creative industry vets who have built one of the best onine user forums for Video & Audio on the planet. I used to host the forum for a competitor’s editing product there before I started working at Adobe, and if you seach the archives you’ll see some of the product reviews & industry reports that I did for them over the years. Ron also happens to be a mean drummer and despite being extremely busy running the COW still manages to produce records & do session work now & then.

Here are direct links to the COW tutorials for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Audition. In particular, there are some really good ones for AE7 and Premiere Pro 2 for those of you starting to work with the new versions.

They also just started a print magazine which you can get a free subscription to, and they have a podcast, hosted by Franklin McMahon, which discusses creative & business issues in our industry. Well worth checking out.

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  1. And a hearty ‘mmmoooo’ to you, Bob. Someone told us that this was here and I had to pop over and read what you had to say. Thank you for your kind words, Bob; coming from an industry vet with your own long and noted standing in this industry, your words are doubly kind.Best always,Ron & Kathlyn

  2. Thanks for the plug :)Franklin