NAB Sneak Preview

This year, I’ve got the conspicuous gig of programming the main theatre stage for our NAB exhibit. It’s gonna be a big one for us, hot on the heels of an enormously successful Production Studio launch, and we’re lucky to have a crack lineup of Adobe customers & product experts to show you what people all over the world have been doing with our products.

I can’t give up the goods on who’s presenting, but I can tell you that our friend Jacob Rosenberg of Formika Films will be with us once again. Jacob is one of the worlds’ foremost Premiere Pro experts, and he’ll be showing several projects that he’s done the past year with Adobe tools.

The video “Cactusflower”, by John Gold — directed by Jacob Rosenberg and post-produced entirely with Adobe Production Studio

Jacob Rosenberg and our own Jason Levine collaborated on “Cactusflower” (screencap above), using Adobe Audition to record performances live on set, Adobe Premiere Pro for editing & color correction, Adobe After Effects for compositing, and Adobe Photoshop for creating the background plate for one of the shots. Click here to watch the video in glorious Flash Video 8.

Jacob shot in HD, but had the camera on its side to get long vertical plates to use in compositing. Come by our exhibit and see how he put this remarkable video together.

2 Responses to NAB Sneak Preview

  1. Jacob and Jason are indeed masters at using Adobe Production Studio tools (as well as teaching them to others). The video above is amazing and worth checking out how they did it at NAB. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

  2. Michael Donlon says:

    Love your blog and the way your career is going. It warms the cockles of my heart. (They’re between the right ventricle and the left auricle. Or somewhere.)