Oh, This Again

The view from the UAL business class loungs @ SFO

Just when I thought it was safe to be home again . . .

This should be another fun trip. I’m flying to Sao Paulo, Brazil for the Production Studio Launch Seminar on Tuesday, as well as a press conference and some customer visits. I got a plane ticket for my “better half” Anne-Lise, and we’re going to fly up to Salvador da Bahia to visit some friends after the week’s Adobe activities are done.

Sao Paulo is the third largest city in the world. I’ve been there before and its sheer scale is mind-boggling. There are neighborhoods that run the gamut from shocking poverty to sky’s-the-limit condo high-rises with helecopter landing pads on the roof ( the mega-rich are at too big of a risk of kidnapping to travel by car). The food is really amazing — very unique — and I’m glad we’ll be there on Sunday for the traditional Fejoada lunch when the restaurants are always packed with families eating rich Fejoada stew & Pao de Quejo (small cheese bread puffs made with tapicoa flour), and drinking Capirhinas & Guarana.

15 hours of flying time ahead, connecting at O’Hare. No bussiness-class seat-bed this time, just the standard UAL deal. I’ll catch up with y’all from the Southern Hemisphere (for the 2nd time this month).

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