The past few days in NYC were like a time capsule. Going back to the old ‘hood, seeing friends & family, and all that sort of stuff — there you expect that kind of feeling. But the benefit show I played @ Bowery Ballroom on Saturday night was a timewarp of a completely different nature.

Tim Cloherty & I during The Rake’s Progress’ reunion on Saturday night (you can just see drummer Pete Klinger’s face to the right of Tim”s belt).

Walking into soundcheck was like stepping into a twisted kind of high-school reunion. Nearly all the bands on the bill had members of The Rake’s Progress or The Bogmen in them. We all toured together back in the early-mid ’90’s and the stories of on-the-road-hijinks could fill volumes (in fact, Bill Campion [nee Vic Thrill] of the Bogmen just optioned a movie screenplay to a major studio for some big bucks — kudos Bill).

The backstage scene was just like it was back in the old days — a beer-swigging family singalong (the “show within the show”), and all the onstage performances were stellar. We sold the joint out (that’s 625 people) and raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000 for the education fund of Tim’s nieces & nephews who lost their dad Tom Cloherty to a heart attack earlier this year.

The “Rake’s Progress Reunion” was a blast — we haven’t been onstage together since 1999. But it all fell back into place instantly — I guess 10 years, 2 albums, and over 1,000 shows can do that to you. I turned to Tim at one point during the show and said “what the hell is going on?”. It was 1995 all of a sudden.

Today, back in SF, it’s very much 2006. I’m editing the video of the Sydney Production Studio Seminar, preparing some stuff for NAB, and yet again trying to shake off some serious jetlag.