Ripple Effect

We’re starting to see the fruit of our steamroller trip through AsiaPac. Wee Ling Tan, of Adobe Singapore, just sent us a video of the interview we did for Straits Times Interactive (The Straits Times is the #1 english-language newspaper in Singapore).

You do need a subscription to STI to watch the video, so here are a couple of screencaps:

Jim provides the “big picture.”

I show some of the new Adobe Production Studio features to reporter Melissa Kok.

I also did an interview with the South China Morning Post (#1 english-language daily in Hong Kong) which I’m looking forward to seeing.

We’re going to put the archived webcast of the Sydney Production Studio Launch Seminar on within the next few weeks, so everyone will get to see what the follks in Asia & Australia got to see earlier this month.

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