Slip Sliding Away

Okay, some days it’s hard to come up with decent headings, you’ve gotta expect that once in awhile.

My cousin Eric was asking me recently about fading out the audio at the end of a DVD slideshow. Encore DVD 2.0 has an incredibly powerful new Slideshow Editor, but it doesn’t give you the capability to do audio fades. Here’s the workflow for doing it using Audition.

1) Right-mouse-click the audio file in your Encore Project Panel, and select Reveal in Explorer.


2) An Explorer window opens with the audio file highlighted. Right-mouse-click on the audio file and select Open With > Adobe Audition.

3) In Audition, click-drag on the last *X* seconds of the audio waveform to select it (X being the duration you’d like your fade to be — 2 or 3 seconds is a good place to start).


4) Click on the Favorites panel (it should be in the upper-left corner of the UI, if not you can go to the Window menu and select Favorites to open it). Double click on the “Fade Out” favorite, and the fade out is applied.

5) Click to the left of the area you selected in the wafeform, and hit the Spacebar on your keyboard to play back the fade.

6) If you want to adjust the length, select Edit > Undo and repeat steps 3-5.

7) Once you’re happy with your fade-out, select File > Save and quit Audition.

Remember that editing an audio file in this fashion is destructive, i.e. the fade-out becomes a permanent part of that audio file, so it’s a good idea to make a backup copy of the original before you open it in Audidion.

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