I Was an HDV Rookie for the NAB


As you can see above, the NAB preparation doesn’t actually stop for us until 9am on Monday morning when the show opens. Until then, I thank whatever force brought coffee into this world. There I am, shooting HDV footage this morning for some of our NAB demos (this is about as much of a sneak preview as you’re going to get). It’s a good thing I live in the most photogenic city in North America — all you need is a sunny day and you can point your camera just about anywhere and get a good looking shot.

So, even though I’ve edited tons of HDV footage, this was my first time shooting with an HDV camera (the Sony HDR-FX1). I’ve never shot 16:9 before, so it was an interesting challenge getting used to framing things in that aspect ratio. I need to practice a bit more with that — it was kind of like switching to 5-string bass (I switched back to 4 string a few years ago, BTW). I don’t think I’ll be switching back from 16:9, though, I really, really like the “cinematic” feel.

One of the great things about the HDV format is that capture into Premiere Pro 2.0 works the same way as standard DV — just plug the Firewire cable in and go.

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