Lights, Camera, . . .

If you use Adobe Photoshop CS2 then you already know about “Actions.” With this feature, you can record a series of commands and then play them back whenever you wish (a major timesaver if you need to perform the same processes on a set of images). We even provide a set of preset Actions for typical tasks in various workflows.

What most Photoshop users don’t know is that we include a set of preset Actions for Video & Film Workflows in Photoshop CS2. That’s because they’re hidden well within the Actions Palette Fly-Out Menu (the little triangle-within-a-circle at the upper-right corner of the Actions Palette).


As you can see above, by going down to the very last item in the Fly-Out Menu, you can load the preset Video Actions. This gives you access to a number of time-savers for video/film workflows, such as “Broadcast Safe”, which filters your artwork to make sure it’s within broadcast-legal luma & chroma, and “Alpha Channel from Visible Layers” which automatically creates alpha channels (transparency information). If you’ve ever had to do either of these tasks manually, you know how tedious they can be — this will definitely help you get the job done much faster (and maybe get home at a reasonable hour now & then?).

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