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Here, We Just Call Them Nuts

That’s a Simpson’s reference, for those of you non-Simpsons addicts out there (from the episode in which they travel to Brazil).

So, it was an incredibly fun & productive trip, very nicely organized by Gabi, Marcos, & Luis at Adobe Brazil.

Gabi and me (just off the plane) with the Adobe Sao Paulo office on the far-left.

We had a great turnout at the Production Studio Launch Seminar in Sao Paulo, which was held at a conference center atop a shopping mall. There’s a lot of incredible creative stuff going on in Brazil, and one example are the “Novelas” produced by TV Globo, which is the 4th largest TV network in the world (right behind CBS, NBC and ABC).

On the set of “Bang Bang”, a wild-west themed Novela..

Novelas are basically soap operas, and 3 different ones air on TV Globo each weeknight. The production values are high, and the deadlines are tight.

The bluescreen on the right is stretched out during shooting so desert backgrounds can be chroma-keyed in during post..

The orange dots on top of the scenery in the center of this photo are motion-tracked in post so the jungle surroundings can be replaced with more appropriate background elements.

It’s kinda like “Hollywood in a Jungle”. The grounds are incredibly lush, and include everything from huge interior & exterior sets to ultra-modern post production facilities (where they rely heavily on After Effects, Photoshop, & Illustrator), to scenery & costume design. It’s literally a city-within-a-city (that city being Rio), which I got to spend a whopping 9 hours in.

Marcos & I talk heavy strategy overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Rio before our meeting with TV Globo.

Not a boring place to have to go & work, that’s for sure.

Got to head into the office now (a rare novelty these days), so I’ll share some more stuff from the trip tomorrow.

Boa Noite, and Good Luck


. . . and this was the end of the trip to Brazil. I had very litlte internet access this past week so I’ll be filling in all the crazy details in the coming days. Lots and lots to tell about.

Greetings from Tokyo




I’m so freaking jetlagged, I’m just gonna let y’all figure this one out for yourselves.

Bom Dia

Greetings, once again, from the Southern Hemisphere. After 15 hours in the “Surly Skies”, we landed in Sao Paulo on Saturday afternoon, did a bit of sightseeing over the weekend, and I had my first meeting this morning, at TV Globo (Brazil’s largest broadcaster). I visited the on-air graphics department for their news division, which is a large room of about 20 people living & breathing After Effects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They hadn’t seen AE7 yet, so it was a session of great excitement. It’s really fun to show the new goodies to people for the first time.

Writing to you now from the Adobe office in Sao Paulo. Anne-Lise has the camera, so I can’t show you any pictures yet, but I should be able to upload some tonight. This is one HUGE, incredibly diverse city. There was a big soccer match here yesterday, so we got to see that flavor of insanity first-hand. I can’t imagine what would happen in the US if fans started lighting flares in the stands as they do here all the time. It is a “melting pot” in the stadium, though, because all fans, rich or poor, all sit in the same section and cheer together. Nice.