Piracy, Redux

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I’m not prone to rants — but I just wanted to add this tidbit from our wander around Sao Paoul last Sunday.

Anne-Lise strolling by the pirated DVD vendors in Placa da Republica, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Now look, there are way more important social issues in Brazil than pirated DVDs. But this is one of the frustrating things facing anyone involved in IP –whehter it be software or films or music (the band Dasher that I was in until early 2005 was famous in Peru but we couldn’t make money selling records due to rampant piracy). The honest truth is that I’d rather that the money from the CD or DVD purchase go to the poor person who is selling the product on the street in this deveolping country. They need the money way more than I do. So another example of how complex this issue is and yet again I find myself stepping down from the soapbox.


So how do we deal with the language issues at the launch seminars? It’s something called “simultaneous translation.” This means that there are 2 translaors in the back of the room, in a soundproof booth, listening to what I say and simultaneously translating into a microphone that feeds into a transmitter that broadcasts to wireless earpieces that all the attendees are given when they enter the venue. Above, you can see them taking inventory of the earpieces prior to the Sao Paulo event.


There’s the obligatory hotel room photo (the Cesar Park in Vila Olimpia, Sao Paulo). You can see all the helecopter pads on the roofs of the high-rises, as I alluded to in a previous post. The Mexican soccer team Chivas was staying at our hotel and they beat the Sao Paulo Football Club 2-1 on Wednesday night. There was some serious police & security presence at the hotel that night, believe me.

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  1. Jorge Medina says:

    Not professional enough to be posted at ADOBE. Using foul language with asterisks or not, is not appropriate in a professional blog.

  2. bob d. says:

    You know, you’re absolutely right. I removed the text you’re referring to.