The Most Impressive New Technology of 2006

During batting practice at Pac Bell Park (I know it’s called “AT&T Park” now, but I’ve given up after all the name changes) a bunch of kids assemble in the bleachers with their mitts to try & catch home-run balls. Many balls land at the base of the wall on the warning track, and check this guy who’s about to go fishing . . .




And the kid reels in the catch. I’m not sure whether to be impressed with the guy or just sorry for him. In any case, he winds up giving most of the balls to the kids, and the ballpark security seem to put up with it, so I guess it’s just one of those wacky things.

The long, narrow video screens that run the length of the stands right above the club deck have been upgraded, and whoever is designing the animations & ads is doing incredible work. I must find out what tools they’re using (my hunch is that there’s some AE & Flash involved . . . ).

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