Autumn Rocks

My friend Stu (who I was in the band The Rake’s Progress with for years) is a Photoshop guru who’s worked for several magazines including Oprah Winfrey’s mag “O”. He’s also got a band called Barnacle Bill, which rocked Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side Monday night. It was their CD release party and their first show in 2 years. The last one was at Luna Lounge on a bill with my old band Dasher.

So Stu & his compadres in Barnacle Bill have an incalculable amount of collective years behind them playing in rock bands, and they’ve all really hit their stride with this one. The CD “Towards The Pebbled Shore”, which you can stream from their website, has been in “heavy rotation” on my Adobe-gifted IPod for the past couple weeks.

One Response to Autumn Rocks

  1. Yianni says:

    If, like me, you have ever had a chance to hear and see Bob play with The Rake’s Progress and/or Dasher, you were in for an exceptional treat. Stunning and inspiring.