Back to the Boom Boom Rattle of SF

The side door of Adobe’s SF office with the source of all the racket in the upper-right corner

It’s not often one gets to return from New York City to a much noisier place. By and large, San Francisco is super quiet, but next door to our SF office, where I work when I’m not on an airplane somewhere, is a major construction project and they’ve been hammering away driving huge metal things into the ground for months.

When I first moved up to this office from San Jose and felt the shaking under my feet, I thought we were having an earthquake (something I thankfully haven’t experienced since moving to SF last year). Then someone pointed out the construction across the street and it was like being back in The Bronx. Aaah, the relaxing vibe of San Francisco . . . NOT!

So after weeks and weeks of travel, I get to actually stay here for awhile. I’ve got a short trip coming up in mid-June to the HOW Conference in Las Vegas, where I’ll be participating in the “Evangelists’ Challenge” on Wednesday, June 13 along with my esteemed colleagues Alan Rosenfeld (Print Designer) and Greg Rewis (Web Designer). This should be a fun session, with the three of us working in our respective disciplines to create a multimedia project before your very eyes.

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  1. John Dowdell says:

    For those keeping track, the recessed window just above the doorway is where Craig Goodman sits… Bob’s SF cube is about 20 feet inside from Craig’s… I’m two cubes down, just behind the first bamboo trees… and I think if just peer carefully enough you might be able to see some of the hummingbirds who nest in the bamboo…. ;-)jd