Down Under

This “secret project” I keep writing about is almost over. Tomorrow we do some effects shots, and that reminded me of a story that my colleague Mike Kanfer told me about the making of the film The Aviator. For the shots of the Spruce Goose flying over a crowd of people, shot from the perspective of the crowd, they used a radio-controlled model plane built at a small scale of the original. It flew at something like 4 feet above peoples’ heads while the low-angle camera captured it as if it were the real deal. When you think about all the things we do in CG to simulate this kind of stuff, it’s interesting to see how really simple, basic stuff can be more convincing than anything that could possibly be done in post.

Rob Legato rocking the camera on the set of The Aviator

The effects shot I’m talking about was done by Rob Legato & the crew from The Basement, a visual effects house that does their work using Production Studio. You can get more details about their work right here.

Anne-Lise gets here tomorrow, and not a moment too soon.

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