Strike The Anvil

I’ve mentioned my friend & fellow Co-op City escapee Dean Velez in a few previous posts. Dean recently left the employ of Total Training in order to strike out on his own — he’s offering up After Effects training via his training company The Anvel .

Clearly, nobody gets out of Co-op City 100% sane.

The training is subscription based, and although I haven’t yet seen any of his content, he’s one of the best AE artists & trainers in the business so I imagine it’s gotta be really good.

On a different note — if you think all this business travel I’ve been doing is glamorous, click here to see where I’m “living” this week.

2 Responses to Strike The Anvil

  1. stephen Kilisky says:

    At least you got a suite 😉

  2. Mattias says:

    Hey, that’s not the way you’re allowed to use the Certified Logo. 😉