That’s A Wrap

The “secret project” (darn NDA) came to a smashing conclusion on Friday.


Above is the crew at _________ with director ___________ behind the camera, as I finish shooting for ________. It was a long couple weeks of work, everything came out great in the end, and it won’t be much longer that I gotta be tight-lipped about it.

I’m not gonna be tight-lipped about namedropping, though. After we wrapped on Friday, I spent the evening with my friend Greg in Chinatown, NYC, then we drove to JFK to pick up Anne-Lise (my fabulous wife). We all then went to our friend Caitlin’s house in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she had 15 people or so over for drinks. When we walked in, I saw a couple sitting on the couch chatting it up, and we walked over to introduce ourselves. I extended my hand and said “hi, I’m Bob” and the guy shook my hand and said “hi I’m Mike” and then I realized that I was shaking hands with Austin Powers. Yep, that Mike. Turns out Mr. Myers has been a fixture in our old Williamsburg crew for a while now (see what happens when you move away?) as he’s on a street hockey team with Caitlin and a few other friends of ours. So we talked with him & his lady friend for a good part of the evening – if you didn’t know he was Mike Myers you’d probably think he was just this Canadian dude at the party. Very cool way to end the week.

One Response to That’s A Wrap

  1. Dave Lewis says:

    Hey Bob:You shameless namedropper…looks and sounds like you’re doing great. Trying to figure out where you’re based when not working on secret projects. Gimme a shout when you get a break from the celebs.