The Cat Un-Bagged

For those of you that follow this blog, you may remember some posts awhile back in which I referred to a “secret project” that I was in NYC for. Well, after months of having to keep my big trap shut, the proverbial cat is finally out of the bag:


That’s right, the first Total Training series ever to be hosted by two bass players. Not that it necessarliy has any bearing on quality (or wait, maybe it does — you do know what they say about bass players . ..)

Jason & I managed to each make a trip back East after NAB, as we figured it’d be a good time to fly under the radar since everyone was still hung over. The fruits of our labor are this 17 hour (!) training series, spanning 3 DVDs, that shows you how to take a project from capture to delivery using Adobe Production Studio Premiium.

So, you can get some deailed info right here. This is my first one of these (I’ve written books & magazine articles, but never something like this) so I’m really interested in any & all feedback (shouts of “hey Bob, you suck!” echo through my head already). I’ve been using Total Training’s products since Brian Maffitt did the first “Total AE” series back in ’97 or so. I’ve always been a big fan, and consider it a major honor to be in such good company.