The World’s Fastest After Effects User

If you’ve been to any of Adobe’s Digital Video exhibits at conferences like NAB or Siggraph, you’ve probably seen the venerable Steve Holmes presenting on our stage (the handsome English guy with the buzz-cut). Steve is one of the world’s foremost After Effects experts (he hosts Total Training’s After Effects series ), and runs his own design shop, Energi Design in Sausalito, CA.

When he’s not sitting at the machine designing up a storm, you can usually find him riding his bike on the unfathomably steep Mt. Tam (whereas you can usually find me dodging and weaving my bike through SF traffic trying not to get turned into taco meat by an SUV). Steve is an incredibly accomplished bike racer, and he’s about to start a 6-day coast-to-coast race on a team which is made up entirely of riders who have Type 1 Diabetes.


On their 3,052 mile cycling race across the United States, Team Type 1 will be “racing to help cure Diabetes”. They’re attempting to raise $1,000,000 in this effort, and you can support the team by making a donation here.

If you want to see the work Steve does when he’s not racing, take a look at his demo reel.