Snacks of Learnings

I had to learn how to come up with headings like that during my first venture in book authoring a few years ago, before I joined Adobe. Doesn’t look like I learned much, does it? Grammatical ineptitude aside, it’s an unusual challenge to have to come up with interesting headings, especially when you need to write 125 of them in a matter of weeks. That was my challenge when I wrote said book, as it consisted of a few hundred different tips & tricks, each requiring a “clever-ish” heading. And that was besides the content of the tips & tricks themselves, which ranged from 1/3 page to 2 pages long. Definitely a challenging book to write, but the positive feedback I got from readers (largely due to the book’s “easy-to-digest” format) made it worth the effort.

One of the great things about a tips & tricks book is that you can pick it up anytime and glean a couple of nuggets without having to get into anything heavy. I got e-mails from readers of my aforementioned book saying they enjoyed being able to pull it out on the train ride to work, during downtime in the edit room, and . . . well . . . in another room located down the hall from the edit room. While “deep dive” tutorials (such as my series from Total Training, oh yeah, it’s plugs-o-rama today) are great when you’re starting out, a tips & tricks book can help bring your skills to the next level once you’ve got some basic proficiency.

Behold, my friends, the first such book for Adobe Production Studio, which I found sitting on my desk this morning upon returning from the long holiday weekend. Adobe Digital Video How-To’s, 100 Essential Techniques with Adobe Production Studio by
Jan Ozer offers up a wide variety of tips & techniques covering the individual apps within Production Studio as well as the workflows of using the apps together.


Jan covers many ways to work more efficiently, like creating custom project presets & UI workspaces, and using the various monitors & scopes in Premiere Pro to accurately color correct. He clearly explains technical issues like interlacing and encoding for the web, as well as craft-related topics like 3 and 4-point editing. It’s a great collection of knowledge for anyone using Production Studio, in easily digestible bite-sized bits and pieces, written by one of the top authors in the field.

Having written this sort of book I understand what an endeavor it is to come up with such a large collection of tips in the first place — and then the work of writing them all in a consistent, easy-to-understand way (along with creating the screen captures – yep, we authors have to do that ourselves). So I’m really thankful to Jan for putting in the months of work that went into this book — a much-welcome addition to the wide variety of training resources available for Adobe tools.

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  1. Bob…. I just picked up that book too.. and like it…But truth be told… we kind of did do one on Production Studio alreadyBroadcast Graphics on the Spot and After Effects on the Spot do cover quite a bit of the suite….But this new book is great (I am working my way through it).