Cheese Food Prostitute at Macworld

OK, this is a bit off topic, and is not, repeat NOT about an actual prostitute (although the Moscone Center is in the South of Market part of San Francisco which does have its share of street life if you wander down the wrong street). Among the curiosities and attractions at Macworld was this humongous stack of CDs.


So I wandered over and there was a CD my band put out in 1994, called Cheese Food Prostitute. My band was called The Rake’s Progress and you can see the CD 15 down from the top of the stack in the photo below. The spine is yellow on the right and blue on the left.


How random is that?

As far as the Macworld buzz goes, the iPhone thingy looks neat, but the only one they have in the unbelievably enormous Apple booth is in a huge illuminated plexiglas cylinder, which has easiily a hundred people crowded around it at any given moment. It’s like trying to see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.

At the Adobe booth we have Dave Helmly showing Production Studio on the Mac once a day on the stage, so make sure to get over and see that if you’re at the big shoo. The stars of Photoshop (Julianne Kost and Russell Brown) are also presenting daily, as well as Hart Shafer showing Soundbooth.

3 Responses to Cheese Food Prostitute at Macworld

  1. Bisquin Lovel says:

    How intriguing for that CD to turn up where you are and, in such an odd place. I thought this entire exhibit was very cool; I had previously seen just a pile of CDs and a basic pile of photos, but this time it had fun and interesting shapes involved. Did you see the cool photo collage pile? This was a very creative and fun exhibit to explore that brought the point home about storage.

  2. Is this “The Rake’s Progress” that played shows at the Wetlands in NYC in the early to mid 90s? I saw you guys a lot, playing after Hootie and the Blowfish and Big Head Todd in 1994-1995. 🙂

  3. Bob Donlon says:

    Yep, that was us.