From the “Where Are They Now” File

A recent posting here having illustrated the irrefutable evidence of my old band The Rake’s Progress‘ descent into dinosaurhood (last seen in the “CD’s By The Pound” bin at your local record store) I was pretty amazed to hear that tickets for our first real show in over 10 years are almost sold out. For those of you with interest in my old music career, the show is Friday February 23 @ Mercury Lounge in NYC. The promoter is trying to add a 2nd show (hopefully Sat Feb 24) or perhaps move the show to a bigger venue, but for now if you’re a Rake’s fan please get tix now, I want youze there, here’s the link.

Guess which one is me ? (promotional photo from 1995)…


Watch me jump around like a dork amongst cows in a field in this 1994 Rakes video that was seen in the Beavis and Butthead episode “Bus Trip”. They mainly talked about the cows and the old guy.

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