Printed COW

Back when I started in video, Ron Lindeboom was running the WWUG which was at the time, and still remains, one of the great users forums on the web for tools like After Effects. Without that I would’ve never been able to learn my craft as fast as I did.

Not long thereafter, Ron and his wife Kathlyn started Creative COW, which has arguably become one of the most popular users forums in the world. Last year they launched their print magazine (free subscriptions available here) and not only is it great, but they brought on my buddy Tim Wilson (formerly of Avid, Boris, and . . . going way back . . . the WWUG) as the Associate Publisher.


I’ve read every issue cover-to-cover, and this month I’m honored to be part of an article about making a living as an After Effects artist. It starts on page 13. Tim interviewed myself and several other AE pros around the world, on the subject of how we got our first gigs using AE.

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