Bin There, Done That

In the world of video and film editing, we sort our clips into “bins”. Why do we call them bins and not folders? It goes back to the pre-editing-on-a-computer days (not so long ago, really) when you cut the actual film with a razor blade to separate your shots and sorted them in actual bins (which had to be pretty darn big to hold all them clips). We still use the same term today, but it’s definitely gotten much easier to sort and locate your shots.

In Premiere Pro CS3, we’re introducing a new feature called FlexBins. The first thing about this feature that will be happy news to all you current Premiere Pro users is that you can now have as many Bin Panels open as you want, each with its own view settings.


Many of us like to edit with 2 monitors, keeping our bins on one and the rest of the app on the other. Now we can do this. Yes.

In addition, we’ve added powerful search capabilities to the bins – you just type what you’re looking for in the Find field at the top of the bin and Premiere Pro sorts your clips as you type. You can also search within any of the columns in the pulldown menu seen below.


In short, we’ve made it much easier for you to locate, sort, and organize your media in Premiere Pro CS3 with FlexBins. And you’ll be able to try it out when the Premiere Pro CS3 Public Beta launches on April 16. Or for more details right now click here (where you’ll also see a photo of the handsome devil Giles Baker, the Premiere Pro Product Manager).

BTW this is my 100th posting on this blog, for those of you keeping score.

4 Responses to Bin There, Done That

  1. modifoo says:

    It’s been years since I’ve used Premiere (it crashed constantly on the first Sony VAIO that had a little firewire input), have been a FCP convert ever since. But that mulit-tasking sounds very sweet. (will be interesting to see what Apple comes up with at the IBC, especially they didn’t release a new version last year.)Congrats for posting #100 🙂

  2. Klim says:

    Oh, and I’ve been wanting to ask, are there any more features to be announced for Premiere CS3 in addition to those listed on the products page… because out of all the new CS3 products, overall Premiere seems the least exciting.

  3. Argenis says:

    hi, congratulations!!! its great to have premiere in MAC platform, i have been using premiere for about 4 years and when i try to ask for a job they alwayz sed that i need to use the final cut suite, cuz thats what mac runs, so its great now to have you guys in mac. thanx.

  4. Steven Bland says:

    Bob,This is off topic, but I dont know how else to get a leader’s ear and time is running out for my mission! Yes, a desperate move.I have submitted a feature request, but really feel I need someone who uderstands my plite to help draw attention and evangalize this concept. For the sake of getting your ear, pretend that you are talking to Ken Burns and you really want Florintine Films to start using Adobe Premiere Pro . . . because you may be talking to the next Ken Burns.My product will be delivered on high resolution HDvideo 1920x1080p. I am doing pan&zoom annimation across 4096×4096 still images. 4096 was fine when my product was 720×480, but with 1920 pixels as my “window” into 4096 image, I am tremendously limited! A 4096 image scaled to 50% leaves NO ROOM TO PAN. At 100% zoom, panning is limited to viewing either the left side or the right side.Please, try working with this and you will see what I am talking about. The creativity possibilities is quite limited. I know this is progressive stuff, but that is what I am about . . . being progressive and I believe that is what you and Adobe are about.Will you help me lead the way and push this envelope?Thanks in advance and sorry for getting this to you off topic.Steven Bland919-518-0449m