What I’m about to show you is one of the things in CS3 that makes people go “hmmmmm…” the first time they see it, because it’s one of the more compelling things that has come so far from the marriage of Adobe and Macromedia (and I emphasize the word yet in that sentence, just wait ‘til NAB . . .). You probably wouldn’t think of this type of thing coming from a DVD authoring tool – after all there are so many of those on the market that the one you’re using probably has more to do with your overall workflow than anything else.

While Encore stands tall amongst DVD authoring tools, it’s now got something that redefines what’s possible. You can author a DVD in Encore, and then with a click of a button output it to Flash.


In a single authoring, you can now output to DVD, Blu-Ray, and Flash. The experience you get in Flash is identical to the experience you get on a DVD player (with the obvious exception that the video quality will be optimized for the web and thus not high-quality MPEG-2 as on a real DVD). All the video, chapter points, menus, interactivity, etc. is neatly packaged for you and published for the web. No Flash authoring knowledge or experience required.


So – in a nutshell – you can now author interactive Flash content without having to have an iota of knowledge on how to author interactive Flash content. You can also push the DVD to the web, creating new audiences and even creating preview versions of your actual DVD for people to view online.

How about making a proof of a DVD for a client, so they can see menus, interactivity, etc without you having to bun a disc and overnight it to them?

How about taking the DVD thing out of the equation entirely and just using this to create interactive content? Encore interfaces better with Photoshop and After Effects than any DVD tool on the market, so its easy to design things in Photoshop, animate them in After Effects, add the interactivity in Encore, then publish to Flash.

There are loads of us wanting (and needing, due to client demand) to create interactive Flash content. There are few of us with the time to really learn Flash authoring. This is an early step in the concept of “Flash authoring for the rest of us” and I think it’s a great beginning.

5 Responses to DVD 2 SWF

  1. Spoiala Cristian says:

    The resulting flash file is one big .swf ?

  2. BG says:

    This is a surprise and a great new feature. Can´t wait to try it out.

  3. Sam Tilston says:

    This is impressive and is definately useful. How large is the flash file going to be for 1 hour of dvd video?

  4. Kondhorn says:


  5. Im a little worried about the size of the files. However, this is very impressive.