First Time Censored

A moment after I wrote the previous entry (commenting on the fact that the song “One Night in Bangkok” is banned here in Thailand) I went to upload some video to YouTube where I host the video for my personal blog Bizflyer.

Nothing loaded.

Then I went to Bizflyer and none of the video loaded.

Then I was told by one of the local crew that the government banned YouTube after the military coup.

This is the first time I’ve actually seen censorship firsthand, and actually been censored myself.

(note: I stand corrected, the coup was not the reason for the YouTube ban, read the comments for more details . . .)

3 Responses to First Time Censored

  1. Cylis says:

    The YouTube ban was not after the military coup, it was after someone posted digitally altered images of the king few weeks ago.It was really a great launch here in Thailand. The new features in CS3 will surely revolutionize the Design Sector. Thanks for your new cool tricks in AE, Pr, SB & Encore.

  2. tao says:

    I went to seminar on 25 ,April in Bangkok and I love your talking style so much.Nowaday, I feel embarressed when foreigner talking about “blocking Youtube”.However, cause of blocking wasn’t the coup but there is a vdo clip about our king(in negative way) on youtube.I really disagree with this solution. We still can connect to Youtube by using Proxyand … It is impossible to make everybody love our king. (just like we can’t make everybody be goodman)My ICT make it worse worse and worse.I hope you’ll love another things in my country.

  3. Bob Donlon says:

    Whoops – I stand corrected.Tao, in response to your comment, I abolutely love your country. I’ve been there before and the best part of coming to Thailand is the Thai people. Thailand is often called the “Land of Smiles” and it’s really true . . . the Thai people seem very happy, and I am always happy when I am in Thailand.I also have very deep respect for your King. I understand it is the 60th anniversary of his ascention to the throne, and I join the Thai people in saying “Long Live The King”!-bob