One Night In Bangkok

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

I believe that song is actually banned here.

As someone who has made stuff for television, I’m always intrigued by what’s on local TV in the foreign countries that I visit for Adobe. Thais are avid TV watchers, and there were no less than 20 local Thai language channels on the TV in my hotel room, showing everything from unfathomable game shows involving eating contests to monks chanting.

At least today the room I’m presenting in is a bit smaller than the ones in KL and Singapore, so I can remind myself of where I am. Have a look:

That was Marianne Young from our Singapore office jumping into the frame at the very end. Too bad my Canon PowerShot SD400 that I’m shooting these videos on can only capture 23 seconds at a time, that’s why she got cut off (what she said was “and they don’t speak English”). She’s our Solutions Engineer for Southeast Asia, and is presenting our Design Premium suite as well as Photoshop CS3 Extended. Make sure to check out her blog CSdeSigns.

If you want to see more video & photos of my Asia trip, you can find all that on my personal blog Bizflyer.

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