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The Video Blogging Experiment

Please forgive me on this one. It is, after all, my 101th post on this blog, and I get to do something indulgent. So here it is. If it works, you’ll get a very unnerving prelude to a very unnerving situation. If you saw it live, you know what I’m talking about. If not, then that’s even better.

If you don’t see anything below this line of text, the experiment failed, and I’ll try some other ways of getting video on my “digital video blog”.

Bin There, Done That

In the world of video and film editing, we sort our clips into “bins”. Why do we call them bins and not folders? It goes back to the pre-editing-on-a-computer days (not so long ago, really) when you cut the actual film with a razor blade to separate your shots and sorted them in actual bins (which had to be pretty darn big to hold all them clips). We still use the same term today, but it’s definitely gotten much easier to sort and locate your shots.

In Premiere Pro CS3, we’re introducing a new feature called FlexBins. The first thing about this feature that will be happy news to all you current Premiere Pro users is that you can now have as many Bin Panels open as you want, each with its own view settings.


Many of us like to edit with 2 monitors, keeping our bins on one and the rest of the app on the other. Now we can do this. Yes.

In addition, we’ve added powerful search capabilities to the bins – you just type what you’re looking for in the Find field at the top of the bin and Premiere Pro sorts your clips as you type. You can also search within any of the columns in the pulldown menu seen below.


In short, we’ve made it much easier for you to locate, sort, and organize your media in Premiere Pro CS3 with FlexBins. And you’ll be able to try it out when the Premiere Pro CS3 Public Beta launches on April 16. Or for more details right now click here (where you’ll also see a photo of the handsome devil Giles Baker, the Premiere Pro Product Manager).

BTW this is my 100th posting on this blog, for those of you keeping score.

Ya Wanna Go Faster?

First on the hit parade of new features in CS3 is a big one for After Effects users. It’s not an “eye-candy” feature, so you won’t see it in our shorter product demos, but it means so much to so many people since the number one request by After Effects users is to make the app render faster.

One of several ways in which we’ve made After Effects CS3 both RAM Preview and Render faster is with support for Multiprocessing.

The new Multiprocessing Preferences dialog in After Effects CS3

If you’ve got a multiprocessor and/or multi-core system, After Effects farms out each frame of your comp to each processor, so it can RAM Preview and Render multiple frames simultaneously. You will need 512MB RAM for each process, since After Effects will actually launch background processes to run on your multiple processors, but as long as you’ve got enough RAM you can render 2 frames at a time on a 2-core system, 4 at time on a dual/dual , 8 at a time on some of the new high end Windows machines (and the 8-core Macs that we expect to see any day now).

The Show Must Go On

Contrary to what has been reported in some national mainstream media outlets, interference from a cell phone did not cause the problems with the projection system at last week’s Creative Suite 3 Launch Event.


It was caused by problems with the gear you see in the photo above. Or the people running said gear. But it was definitely not a cell phone. Yes, we were cracking jokes onstage that it was a cell phone, but I wasn’t expecting to be taken seriously about it! I guess I need to be more careful next time.

Also, there were speculations in at least one article that I was using one of the yet-to-be-released 8-core Mac Pro systems. I could only wish! In fact, I had a 2x266GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon with 10GB RAM. One 7200 RPM SATA drive for the OS & apps, another for the project files & assets. A rocking system, yes, but no 8-core. After Effects, for example, can take advantage of all them processors, so I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those 8-core machines.

I’ll be unleashing a torrent of CS3 new feature info starting later today, so hang on to your hats.