A TV Addict’s Candy Store

As a kid, I spent a lot of time in front of the TV. A LOT of time. Then I grew up and married a woman who grew up in a house without a TV. When our son was born last year, we started talking about how we were going to deal with the “TV or no TV for the kids” issue.

Then we moved to a new house and decided not to get cable or satellite service — leaving me to get my TV fix solely from online offerings. Heck, 99% of what I’m interested in is available online anyhow (primarly baseball games and new episodes of The Simpsons). Can a recovering TV addict survive without a “traditional” TV set in the house?

When I tell my friends & colleagues that I don’t have a TV anymore, I get funny looks. After all, I founded and run Adobe TV and spent many years working in the TV and video fields. I think I have one of the best jobs in the world right now — I get to run an online TV network that educates and inspires users of Adobe software. I get to be involved in every aspect of the process of planning, producing, and delivering loads of great content. And none of it is going on “traditional” TV.


But I do miss some aspects of my previous job @ Adobe, especially the parts involving direct communication with all of youse guys. So I decided to resurrect my blog as a means of telling you what’s up at Adobe TV. We typically publish between 2-6 new videos every weekday — a considerable amount of content (to put it in perspective, we launched Adobe TV on April 9 with 210 videos — and today we’ve got over 440). So I’m going to be writing about new videos we have coming online, and will also be throwing in some tidbits on how we use our own technologies to put it all together.

And if you haven’t watched Adobe TV yet, what the heck are you waiting for?

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