Behind The “Behind The Scenes”

A great resource if you’re just getting started with Adobe’s digital video & audio tools is the Adobe TV show Adobe Beginner Classes (hey, I managed to use “Adobe” three times in the one sentence — wait, that’s four times!).

Dennis Radeke, the host of the series (and one of Adobe’s top experts in the field) presents a new episode every 2 weeks. But if that’s not often enough for you, check out his “Bootleg Versions” which are shorter episodes created in a more “run and gun” style. Today on Adobe TV you can watch his first Bootleg Version, in which he shows how he places himself on a virtual set using Adobe Ultra CS3.


Ultra is an often-overlooked tool in CS3 Production Premium that came to Adobe by way of our acquisition of Serious Magic. It includes a virtual set library along with one of the most easy-to-use chroma keyers on the planet. It’s specifically designed to pull chroma keys on “less than optimal” footage.

Take a few minutes to watch the video and you’ll see how it all works.

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