Caffe Fibowha?

When a presenter has a clear vision for what they want their show to be, I try and stay out of the way and let them run with it. But I was just a tad apprehensive when Rufus Deuchler and Tim Cole pitched the concept for their Adobe TV series Caffe Fibonacci — a show about graphic design that takes place in an Italian kitchen.

Check the Adobe Creative Suite boxes hanging on the wall alongside the garlic and salami.

What the heck is a Fibonacci? “You don’t want a title that needs to be explained” I said to Rufus. Then he told me who Fibonacci was and spoke a bit about the Fibonacci Series and how it relates to design (click here to watch a neat Flash animation on the subject). Both he and Tim were adamant about the idea, and after all Rufus is from Italy. So I let them run with it and lo-and-behold it is now one of our most popular shows.

Today on Adobe TV, you can watch Episode 6 of Caffe Fibonacci, in which Rufus and Tim use a layer cake as a metaphor for layers in different types of design documents. I haven’t yet watched the entire episode, but I did catch the ending which involves this little scene:


And people ask me why I don’t attend all the shoots . . .

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