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T-Minus 2 Months and Counting

If you’re involved in creating any type of product or service, listening to your customers is the most important thing you can do. They will tell you what they need. Oh man, did that ever sound cliché . . . but let me tell you something — we’ve gotten tons of feedback over the past year from users of Adobe TV, via research where we bring users in and talk to them, and via the daily flow of messages we get from people who click on the “Send Feedback” link which appears on the bottom of the Adobe TV website (I personally read every single one of those e-mails, even those that arrive laden with expletives).

So what have we learned from all this listening? Well, what clearly works are the videos themselves – people love them. We’ve now got over 3,000 videos on Adobe TV (with new ones added daily) offering tutorials, tips & tricks, demos, and inspiration on an ever-increasing variety of Adobe tools & technologies. There’s no doubt that we delivered on the promise of “expert instruction and insight direct from the source” which is the most important component of the Adobe TV charter.

What isn’t working as well as we’d like is the Adobe TV website itself. When we launched in April ’08 with 210 videos, the site architecture we had in place did the job. But as the volume of videos grew, as we increased the number of shows & channels, and as we added new navigation options the site began to come apart at the seams.

Those of you who’ve used the Adobe TV website know what the pain points are. Believe me, they drive me nuts as well. I’ll be elaborating on this in upcoming posts.

Where does this leave us today? Well, there are times when a house can benefit from a remodel (such as the site redesign we launched back in September ’08). And then there are times when you just need to bite the bullet and knock the house down to build a new one.

This August we will be launching a completely re-architected, re-designed Adobe TV website, which is being built to address everything you & other Adobe TV users have told us you need to make Adobe TV a world-class online video experience for you. The current Adobe TV site will remain online until then, and we’ll continue to add new videos to it every day as we always have. We’ll also continue to refine and improve it where we can (in fact we released an update today which vastly improves the search functionality within the site).


In the coming days I’ll be giving you more insight on what has & hasn’t worked and why, and how the new version fixes what hasn’t worked and improves on what has. I’ll also be sharing some sneak previews and showing you how we’re putting it all together. You’ll be interested to read about this if you’re either A) an Adobe TV user and/or B) are in the business of online video yourself.

So, as the old TV cliché goes, “stay tuned . . . we’ll be right back.”