Just Get Started, Simply – Like Zappos Did

Online shoe-retailer Zappos has been a poster child of sorts within the “Online Video Nerd Herd” community for the past few months. They’ve got one of the fastest growing Internet TV video libraries in the world, and according to articles on like this one on the blog ReelSEO they’re having great success with it. The article states:

“those videos are said to have a sales impact of 6 to 30% which has prompted Zappos to strive for 50,000 videos next year (they have about 8,000 currently) they’ve got 10 studios working full-time cranking out all this content.

While the stat in that quote doesn’t actually mean anything (e.g. what is the definition of “sales impact” — revenue? Something else? 6-30% is a huge range, is it closer to 6% or 30%?), what I do see as a clear success indicator is the investment they’re making in production, in order to ramp up to that volume of content. 50,000 videos is ALOT.

Well, what is all this video content anyway? Shoe demonstrations. Maybe as boring as it gets.


And they’re presented by average, seemingly random, Zappos employees. Ordinary folks.

Now, for the record, I’ve never bought any article of clothing online, but watching a few of these video demos I definitely get a sense of the shoe in a way that I would never get with any of the other online retail “show me the product “options I’m aware of (if anyone want’s to school me otherwise, let ‘er rip . . . )

While this might be a nice topic for a case study later on, I’m writing this because I want to point out how FREAKING SIMPLE their player implementation is. It’s actually done in the same exact way I described in a post from a few days ago on how to make your own basic Internet TV Video Player and Webpage. Couldn’t be simpler.

Each of these videos takes literally a few minutes to deploy.

Now, I also read in the blog article I linked to at the top of this post, that Zappos is rolling out some more developed, interactive video UI’s as well, so we’ll see how this evolves over time.

The point I want to make, especially for those of you just getting started with this, is JUST GET STARTED AND DO IT, SIMPLY! It really doesn’t take that much to get going. Believe it or not, it’s still the wild west out here in the Internet TV world, and there are still a gazillion ways to skin the proverbial cat. So just go for it, and figure out the finer points as you go along.

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